Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Skipping Library Preschool Storytime

Like mother, like daughter. Skipping school at age 3! Wonder where she learned that!

Yesterday I took the girls with me to Azusa for my diet check-in. Azusa is 65 miles away on some of the busiest freeways in California. Which means we drove 15 miles and hour on some stretches, when we were moving along. To be fair, we hit 60 mph a few times too. Caught myself speeding along at the posted speed limit a couple of times closer to home!

It was a long drive there, and a boring checkup as far as the littles were concerned, followed by a long boring drive home. You know what happens when they are strapped down and riding in those big comfy carseats for long periods of time? They sleep!

This creates a domino sleep effect. Since they napped, and Gracie in particular since she doesn't normally nap, they couldn't fall asleep at bedtime. Or, anytime near bedtime. Not even close to bedtime! Sleeping all day does that to you.

Libby went down for the night around 11pm. Two hours later than her normal bedtime. Gracie, oh my goodness, the child could not sleep. She was still awake at 2am when I finally gave up and went to bed and left her laying in her bed in the dark, eyes wide open. But, she was laying still and being quiet. Good enough at that hour.

As soon as I got horizontal, Libby woke up. Have I ever mentioned that my babies don't sleep through the night? I don't make those kind of babies! Laid my head on the pillow again at 2:45. Libby woke up again at 4am. There's something about 4am that wakes the kidlets. I was hoping the 2am waking would get us through it, but no. Got back to bed at 4:30 with a little cuddle monster in the middle.

4:30 am and I've had just over an hour of sleep so far. *yawn*

6:00 comes around pretty quick. Hubby's alarm was going. He wasn't. Why he sets his alarm for 6am when he never gets up till almost 7am is beyond me. I smacked him a few times and went back to sleep. At 7ish, we were all up and outa bed. For some reason, I didn't feel like I was ready for the day. Gee, wonder why.

Oh, I know! The carseat naps!

I let Gracie sleep in till 9am today, but she wasn't in a great mood. In fact, her cute little toddler face was scowling at the morning sun. Library storytime is at 10:30 but by 10am, she just wasn't ready. I decided to skip running around sleep deprived with cranky kids. Messing up the sleep pattern gives everyone a short fuse and I don't think the librarian would appreciate us much, as amusing as we are when we are frumpy and frustrated and befuddled.

Let's just skip it and lay around in our jammies!


Wolfpak5 said...

Laying around in jammies sounds wonderful. How did your checkup go at Azusa?

Michelle said...

Oh I could soooo use a pajama day right about now. I'm burned out. Here's hoping they get back on schedule soon!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Sometimes it's nice just to stay home!

Living With Cavemen said...

I love pajama days. Sometimes skipping is absolutely neccesary.