Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Inspiration

This is my cloud. A cloud of inspiring words, ideas, topics... call 'em what you will. My husband found this thing, it is intended for songwriters to inspire ideas for song lyrics. Thus, it is a Lyric Cloud. Eh, I'm not looking for lyrics - just blog ideas.

Get yours HERE.

I mentally have a long list of blog post ideas that grows all day long, but then I sit down at my laptop with the kids playing, dog snoring and the Yo Gabba Gabba crew singing in my face and I can't remember what I wanted to blog about. In fact, I go blank. I'm sure you don't want to hear my thoughts on how bizarre DJ Lance Rocks and his friends are.

My husband is a middle school teacher. Guess what he did with the Lyric Cloud? He used it as a lesson! The kids thought it was pretty cool. He had the kids pick a number between one and ten, then he refreshed the page that many times. Each time you refresh you get a new cloud of words. Then he told them all to write something and it had to contain at least half of the words on the screen. Fun writing challenge!

I'd write something today, but we have a different project to tackle. We are going to implement Michelle's good deed paper chain idea! I really think it's a wonderful idea to help develop good character while taking the "abstract" out of the concept. Gracie is more of a hands-on learner and the paper chain is something tangible even though she can't read yet. We're gonna give it a try. Thanks for that idea, Michelle!

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