Friday, February 26, 2010

Why am I the last to know?

Yesterday I got a message on my cell phone and it went like this:

Mrs. Schumacher, this is Mr. (whatever his name is) the Assistant Principal from Mira Loma Middle School. I was just told that your husband is being hospitalized and so I wanted to call and see how he's doing, wanted to see if everything is ok, let us know if there is anything you need. The number at the school is XXX-xxxx.

Huh? Really? Hmmmm....

The call came in at 4:12 pm and I was too busy to answer, let alone even hear, my phone. From 3:45 - 4:00 I was standing in line at Disneyland holding a screaming crying toddler. As soon as we were seated for the Aladdin show, I fed Libby and talked to Gracie. The show started at 4:15, so I just missed it. At 6:30 pm my husband called me and I was having dinner with a friend in a Disneyland Resort Hotel restaurant and my girls were being angels, so I told hubby that I was having dinner and I'd call him when I hit the road for home. I didn't give him a chance to tell me much but he didn't seem anxious to tell me any big news either.

At 7:06pm I noticed I had a collection of texts and voicemails, so I checked all of it and found that gem from the AP. Remembering that my husband stayed home today with a sore throat and snuffy nose, plus I did cut him off so I could eat dinner, and he may not have wanted to ruin my day... a little part of me could see this happening. Just for a minute though. 7:07pm, I called Keith and said, "Where are you anyway?" He said, "in my man-room". Ah. Thought as much. So I told him what my message said from his AP and he was very confused.

I've never spoken to this guy before and he sounded genuinely concerned, so I didn't think it was a joke phone call. With Middle School teachers, there are a lot of jokes between them; they are a crazy bunch! But, I'm not in on that and none of them have ever called me before, much less on my cell.

When I got home I made fun of my husband, teased him about the nurses asked him if he needs a bedpan, stuff like that. Today he went to school ready to hear how he ended up in the hospital. Should be an interesting story full of confusion and "he said" and "we heard". The rumors are rampant in middle schools but they've never entertained me this much. Can't wait to hear the rest of this story!

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Mmom said...

Did you order them all with Minnie Mouse frames? That seems to be the ticket to "safe" glasses.