Thursday, February 11, 2010

Run-In with the Law

Must be hard to be my neighbor, having to put up with me and my shenanigans all the time. There's one gal on our street who just can't handle living near us; it's tough, I know. She's just too good for the neighborhood, especially when she has to deal with hoodlums like me!

Now, I realize I may be jumping the gun here in my assumption. And I'm pretty quick to point the finger of blame at my neighbor, but who else would do that? She's known for calling the cops every time someone on the block has a party or a dog barks too long. The police know our nice little neighborhood all too well. And now, The Garbage Police are watching me.

Someone, i.e. Crazy Mailbox Lady (that's what I call her because 1. she's the crazy mailbox lady and 2. I don't know her name) called the cops on us for leaving our trash cans out on the curb too long. I can't remember when the last time was we left them on the curb too long, but my memory is no match for the Crazy Mailbox Lady. Our city code gives us 24 hours to get the cans off the curb. Or else! We got this letter in the mail warning us to behave. Note the threat of fines is underlined in red.

I see that my next door neighbors took their trash cans all the way back to the back yard. Betcha the cops are after them too. Hmmm, wonder why. Must be Crazy Mailbox Lady!

I guess the mailbox drama is all over now and we've moved on. Wonder how often she calls the cops on the people in the neighborhood? Think they are as sick of her as the post office was? Some people belong in an expensive neighborhood with strict HOA rules. I think Crazy Mailbox Lady would be so much happier behind iron bars! No, not jail, a gated community!

I might have to start calling her Crazy Mailbox/Trash Can Lady.

I don't know if I ever finished blogging about the mailbox drama. It finally came to an end and I didn't think too much more of it. Crazy Mailbox Lady finally drove the postmaster and postal workers insane; it's amazing that they didn't "go postal" on her! Hahaha, oh, I crack myself up! I'm so punny! Anyway, after her daily visits to the post office to complain about our mailbox situation (our letter carrier said they used to all run and hide when they saw her coming), they finally found a solution that pleased her. Or maybe she just settled for it, who knows. Now they sort her mail out and deliver it to a locked mailbox cluster on another street. It had a vacant box. Wonder if they gave her a personal zip code so it is easier to sort her out from our street. Can you imagine being such a pain in the post office that you get your mail sorted out of order just to shut you up? Amazing.

After the mailbox saga was resolved, she started in on our neighbor who was her next door neighbor about his dogs. Guess she gave him a very hard time and when something really did happen at his house, her calls to the police about the dogs barking were ignored because she called so often. A police officer actually told us this little bit of interesting trivia.

Well, Crazy Mailbox/Trash Can Lady... I pulled my garbage bins in up to my house within the 24 hour time limit. Hope you are happy! (But of course, we all know people like that are only happy if they are complaining)


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Crazy neighbors are the worst. I had one so bad that I decided to send her over the edge and force her to move. It worked.

Mmom said...

Did the letter come from the city or from an anonymous sender with the red underline mark? Can't see the city underlining "avoid fines". They just send out form letters and you get to figure out the small print. I would think they wouldn't even bother with mailing a notice they'd attach it to your garbage can. You can get worried when the actual policeman shows up at your door with handcuffs.

Wolfpak5 said...

That letter does not look like something a city would send out. No official letterhead and I don't see a clerk underlining in red ink anything in an official letter. Looks like something your crazy garbage can lady would do. Besides, in order to get out of your driveway you have to move your garbage cans.

Living With Cavemen said...

Good luck with your crazy neighbor lady. She sounds like a work of art. She must be bored. We haven't had any troubles in our neighborhood since our crazy neighbor lady died. It is not a good thing to be voice recognized by the local police department. I think our entire city is glad she is gone. Even the mayor.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

You bad girl you!!