Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dell suffers tragic death by toddler

My poor old laptop was chucked to the floor last week and suffered a fatal blow. One year olds and laptops do not mix well.

This was my second laptop. The first one, an Acer, (I can hear you laughing) met the same fate. It was repeatedly damaged by the kids. Caught one of them dancing on it at one time. They knocked it to the floor and stood on it and well, I did too. Just the knocking it over part - I never stood on my Acer. That little laptop wasn't a quality product but it served its purpose well. I used it for school and toted it back and forth every day. It couldn't take the abuse longer than 2 yrs. It also had a hard drive replacement for being knocked to the floor by a toddler. See a pattern? By the time its life was officially declared over, mainly because it wouldn't work at all anymore, the screen was hanging onto the keyboard by a wire. The hinges were busted apart and it was a sad sad looking laptop.

Coincidentally, the Dell laptop is 2 yrs old in May. Not bad! I got it right after the Acer died. My husband ordered a bright pink Dell for me and it showed up very purple, but I loved it. Now, it's purple and broken.

My husband checked it out and thinks that the only thing wrong with it aside from the cracks in the casing is the hard drive. He ordered a new one and I'll be back on the laptop as soon as it arrives. Yay!

I lost some stuff, not a lot really, but some. I did a backup to the server in January. Good thing I'm done with school and didn't have important lecture notes and papers on there.

In the meantime, I'm using the bedroom computer. Sitting on the bed with the wireless keyboard staring at the 37" HD tv for the screen. Living Large! It's kind of fun being online on the big tv, but I'm tethered. Can't really go outside or in the toy room or the dining room or the living room... so inconvenient. Am I getting any sympathy? I thought not.

But you all feel sorry for my purple dell don't you? Poor baby. Landed on the hard floor and died. With a toddler looking at it and saying "Uh Oh". What a way to go.


Michelle said...

Soooo when you did have your Acer did you like it? I notice you then got a Dell. My husband bought me an Acer, but I haven't opened it yet and am paranoid. But a purple computer? OH, I love it. I'm jealous.

Good luck with the new hard drive!

Mary~Momathon said...

Sorry, Michelle, I can't give you a good review on the Acer. It was a cheap laptop and well, let's just say you get what you pay for!

Good luck with your new laptop. Maybe Acers work better if you don't drop them. Dells too for that matter!

Wolfpak5 said...

Famous last words from a toddler "uh oh". Knowing Keith he will have you up and running in no time.

Kate said...

I had a Dell die at the hands of an emotionally disturbed teenager (when a kid throws off her house shoes in class, run!). It sucks. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a laptop in existence that can handle an actual fall (or throw).

SB said...

ps. four years of nursing holy shit! holy shit!!! (excuse my swears, I am sorry). But wow. No wonder you are sleep deprived. I am in awe.