Thursday, February 18, 2010

Middle of the Night Phone Calls! Ugh!

You know, I just get so mad when the phone rings in the middle of the night! :swear:

The other night, Gracie woke up three times. Twice I carried her back to bed and the third time I just let her sleep with us. I gave up. Every couple of hours, she'd show up again, ugh, forget it.

Libby woke up twice. She just needed to be nursed and snuggled back to sleep. But that always takes a while. Between the two of them, they got me up 5 times!

Then my husband woke me up early when he was getting ready for work. With sympathy he said "nothing like getting up every hour, huh" and I agreed. Then I told him that the kids were bad enough but the middle of the night phone call just pissed me off! He said "what phone call?" I said in my mad voice"Logan called".

Logan is our 19 yr old nephew. Nice kid. Knows how to tell time. Never calls.

Keith didn't remember the phone ringing and I told him that I nudged him but he wouldn't wake up so I answered it. Keith said he didn't hear it, so he was checking his cell phone and no call. He checked the house phone, no call. I said I'm pretty sure it was the house phone. Well, what did Logan want? What did he say?

So then I started thinking about the conversation... I'm coming out of my morning fog and recalling the whole dialogue. Oh, wait a minute, now I'm wondering if it was a dream. Yeah, maybe I dreamt the phone call. The words come to me more clearly and I admit, Ok, never mind, it was a dream.

Keith is curious now, because two seconds ago I was angry and now I'm just saying "never mind". So I had to tell him what Logan said on the phone...

He said "I can kill the whales. I can do it, Aunt Mary, I can kill the whales"

My husband started laughing so hard he had to wipe tears from his eyes. He kept saying "What? Whales?" and then laughing harder.

In my dream, we had this problem with whales swimming in our back yard, which was an ocean. Gracie and Libby couldn't go out to play because of the whales and I had a polar bear suit that I was wearing trying to scare them away, but it wasn't working. So, Logan said he could kill the whales. Why he had to call in the middle of the night and wake me up I don't know.

Sleep deprived even when I'm fast asleep. I can't believe I dreamed that I was being woken up from my sleep! The real wakings are enough!



Kallee said...

HAHA!! I laughed so hard when I read this!! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person this kind of thing has happened to. My husband thought I was crazy too. :)

Rebecca said...

Hahahahaha, seriously, I am cracking up right now! That is SO funny! Haha, thanks for sharing! :)

Mmom said...

Poor Logan. Getting blamed for middle of the night calls he didn't do. But he probably would come and rescue you and the girls from the whales.

SB said...

oh wow. your post made me laugh out loud. you know there was a time when I would read about how someone would be up five times, and I'd think I was sympathetic to it; but no, not until I started having to be up five or more times did I know the true exhaustion and mental fatigue of it all! I would have even be pissed if my hubby woke me up to say good-bye...or wanted anything else during my attempts to sleep*wink...hilarious dream! hilarious! thanks for stopping by my blog. I am hoping to find more and recruit more mommy bloggers as right now I'm in with the wrong blogging crowd and it's becoming painfully obvious:-)! they have no interest in what I have to say -- babies? sleep? ha ha.

Michelle said...

CRACKING up. And ummm yeah so been there with ya. I have dreams that I think are real for days soemtimes. It's ok.