Thursday, June 19, 2008

100th Post!

Here it is.... blog post #100!!!! And my blog isn't even a year old yet!
I know it's blog tradition to write a 100 things about me post. But really... are there 100 things captivating enough to keep you reading? I'll give it a try, but don't add them up and do the math in case I fudge a little here and there.

1oo Things About Me:
- I have 3 daughters, actually make that 4
- They were all born in different states, except #4. Maybe I should run across the border just for fun.
- and a dog who thinks she is my baby too
- I plan to graduate with my BA in Literature and Writing in May 09
- I've attended 5 colleges in 4 states. EMU, NWCC, NSU, NWCC (again), MSJC, and CSUSM.
- I've driven through Las Vegas 11 times, add two more cuz I'm going to drive through and back again soon. Only stopped once.
- I come from a long line of cowboys and cowgirls, that's my ancestry. But I was raised in town. Good thing, I sure can't ride a horse!
- My grandma turned 100 yrs old and I'm going to her big monsterous 3 day long party! Woo Hoo!

Oooooo this'll add up.... here are the jobs I've had since I was old enough to work...
- restaraunt dishwasher
- waitress
- motel maid (yuck!)
- babysitter for several families, I'll just count that as one
- fast food worker at Hardees, Kentucky Fried Chicken, A&W, and Taco Johns
- College parking ticket writer
- YMCA after school program babysitter or whatever I was
- snack bar at the bowling ally
- Lifeguard at 3 different pools and two lakes
- swim teacher at the Y pool and lake
- 4-H camp program staff, I taught archery, canoeing and songs & games
- Girl Scout camp counselor
- Ymca Camp counselor and later camp director
- Teachers aid at an elementary school working with grades P - 6
- home daycare provider
- daycare center child care provider (30 kids including 10 babies each day)
- bank teller at 2 different banks
- I worked for 2 weeks for Super 8 learning how to take reservations, that sure didn't last long
- I was a goon in the basement filing paper folders of accounts at a collection agency, they moved to a new building and I was "alphatizing" their files. Fun, and my boss couldn't say "alphabetize"
- sold hot dogs and cotton candy at a traveling carnival when it came through town
- data entry for medicaid
- receptionist for the state economic development dept
- travel coordinator for same state office
- loan information specialist for So. Dak. Economic Development
- event coordinator, executive asst, and newsletter publisher (3 in 1 job!) for SD Bankers Assn.
- and my latest and greatest job.... mommy and mooch off my hubby!

And my volunteer work:
- Odyssey of the Mind, later named Destination Imagination Coach (I was so bad at this!)
- DI Parent fundraising volunteer
- DI chaperone for the trip to international competition in Tennessee, twice
- PTA member, district representative, and then President
- organized a trike-a-ton for cystic fibrosis
- Governor's Hunt worker: decorated, drove a bunch of guys the hunt, took photos, took the one who got shot to the ER... all that sort of thing. this was actually part of my job, you were required to volunteer.
- host family for Up with People
- host family for Artist in the school
- host family for a foreign exchange student.
- volleyball concessions and wrote a weekly e-news
- 4-H parent volunteer, led a sewing class, an art activity, and had meetings at my house

- I feel like I just updated my resume
- I'm hungry
- I'm always hungry - ha, what's new.
- I just trimmed my bangs and royally screwed them up. So, they got pretty short. Ooops!
- I really enjoy reading all your blogs, so keep updating, my bloggy friends!

Bored yet? ok, we're done..... that's 100!


Kate said...

Hooray! That was fun.

I have a fun "alphatizing" story. College graduation: after the gigantic university-wide ceremony, we got our diplomas and walked, etc. with just our college. Each major had little cards with our names on them and we were supposed to line up alphatetically. Well, we had the worst time getting organized. And you know what my degree is right? Uh huh. English. Sad, sad, sad. They should have kicked us out of line and not given us our diplomas.

Kate said...

P.S. Is "alphatetically" the correct spelling? =)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Cute way to do this. Girl, you had some sucky jobs! Hopefully your degree will mean the end of those type of jobs.

Alicia said...

wow!! way to go mary!! you had better post some updates from your grandma's party!!

what a great top 100 list!!

Shelley said...

Wow, those are a lot of jobs! I worked at a bowling alley too, while I was in college. I worked the front counter (spraying shoes, ICK), and bartending. Met my husband there, actually.

That's an awesome list, I never did one. I couldn't think of 100 things. This was very creative!

desirae said...

You got to work at a carnival?? I was just telling Bob last night that I bet if I had a job at one of those the kids would take me in for career day, and that I would be a hit!!! That's like one step away from Circus, (Which I would love to run away and join most days.) You certainly have a wide range of talents.. Congrats on post 100!!!!!