Monday, June 30, 2008

Sleeping Babies

I was reminded by Burnt Cookies when I went over to her blog today about another blog that I really enjoyed and forgot to put on my blogroll: Who Says 8 is Enough (a mom of nine - think she ever gets any sleep?) and she has on her blog a great post about sleeping babies. I had to join in!

I am surprised that I have so few pictures of my oldest two sleeping. The oldest princess was good at sleeping, she mastered the art at a young age. The second princess didn't sleep much those first two years, she sure did a lot of screaming and crying though. I did find one sleeping picture of her as a tot. ONE. Princess Gracie sleeps pretty good once she's down and out. Getting her there is a challenge. She's a great mix of her sisters.

The pics I found were so cute that I couldn't narrow it down to just one of each princess. So... you get a few of my slumbering babies in no particular order. Have fun trying to figure out which is which, I have to look at the labels on the photos!

Here are my sleeping babies.... and one sleeping teen for good measure!


Kate said...

So much cuteness! I think that instead of saying "I slept like a baby" people should say "I slept like a teenager."

BoufMom9 said...

These are just adorable!!! LOVE all the hair!!!!

Thanks for playing along and for adding me to your blogroll! (I will do the same)
Look for future installments of baby pictures! ;)

desirae said...

Holy cow.. THE HAIR!!!! Well the only one I know for sure is Gracie (with the dog on the couch.)And I bet that's her with the guitar on her shirt (am I right?? I took a shot.) How in the world is the teen sleeping through the dogs?? I want to sleep that well.. (my wishes and dreams are pretty simple.. lol.)

Mary said...

You are right!

The babies are:

Ps said...

The weather is lovely here, right now.There is a slight drizzle in the air and the sun is lazily curled up in the grey clouds.Dimmed brightness.
Then i come here and see all these photos--makes me want to curl up into bed and go to sleep right away!
Lovely pics.
Preeti (Just a mother of two)

Tabbatha Rose said...

Cute pictures! Love how you added the older ones. I was going to hook up my scanner so I could put sleeping pics of the older ones up too. LOL
You forgot the baby to be...belly pic *wink wink*

Mary said...

just scroll down a bit for a belly pic. I doubt that the baby was sleeping during that photo. LOL

B. Fred said...

Ahhh.... how cute. The top one is it Princess #1?