Thursday, June 5, 2008

Guilty of Blog Neglect

I've been so busy! Having a great time, but I'm worn out and ready for a lazy day. Today's plan: Sit, lay, eat, repeat. We had my Brother-In-Law and my nephew here for a week, so we did some fun touristy stuff and never slowed down. My daughter also turned 17 a couple of days ago. And... I was trying to keep up with the house and getting my daughter to school and back too. Plus, I had to get three flat tires repaired. Yeah, I said three! Had to keep up appearances and pretend we live like normal people who do their dishes and clean their bathrooms every day. I think I pulled off the illusion nicely. But, I'm worn out!

We went to Knotts Berry Farm... that one I told you about while my husband took over tourguide duty. Then hubby went back to work (two jobs and no time off left me as chief entertainer and taxi driver). So, I took them to the beach (twice), San Diego Zoo, USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum, and SeaWorld. I think I walked 500 miles these past few days.

Oh, Sea World was hilarious! Princess Gracie thought that the Shamu trainer was her daddy. She was yelling "Daddy!" repeatedly and clapping and just thrilled to see her daddy swimming with the fishy. What a guy... that daddy is sure special!

I'm all proud of myself for keeping up with the Farmer and the kid. But, wow, being pregnant sure gets in the way of being a tourist. Of course I was always carrying a bunch of stuff, pushing the stroller and/or had Gracie on the leash, taking pictures, and stopping in every ladies room in Southern California. I took plenty of photos... no, not of the ladies' rooms!.... here are a few...

Oh, I got this awesome shot at Sea World during the dolphin show. They ask a volunteer family to participate. The mom and dad stand on the little bridge on the left side of the photo with the Sea World Entertainer guy (in the hat) and the little boy gets to pet the dolphin. Cute! Anyway, the dad stood in front of the mom and so she was leaning around the dad to see the boy... click the photo so you can see it larger and check out Mommy.... actually.... don't look with a full bladder, you'll wet yourself.... take a little potty break then come back and click the pic and take a peek at Mom.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...


Mary said...

No, not serious - that trainer is NOT Gracie's daddy. My husband was at work, and he doesn't ride fish for a living.

All the photos are raw - no photoshopping at all. Yes, serious!

Alicia said...

I totally love that show!!! My kids get a kick out of who falls in the water every time and Steve and I always laugh so hard at all the gasps of the croud!! What an AWESOME Picture!! Don't you just love Sea World!! I can't wait until we leave. Three weeks from Saturday!!

you guys are coming up our way soon too! You had better stop by. Come on we are only 3 exits out of the way!!!

Memarie Lane said...

She just didn't want to pay to $200 or so to swim with the dolphins.

Kate said...

That picture is so amazingly funny! What a great shot!