Thursday, June 12, 2008

Motorboat, Motorboat...

You know that little rhyme.. motorboat motorboat go so fast!!! Then you make silly noises really fast, ok, do that now shake your head around.... oh yeah.... that totally describes my week!!! It's really going fast. And it can only be described by making that motorboat noise! One day just quickly turns into another and all of a sudden a week has gone by. And then I think, but ... I didn't get anything done! I am afraid the whole summer will sneak by me like this.

I have a very long list of things to do this summer, if this pace keeps up I might not get much done. I did start on a research paper that is due in December. I want to have it done by August so that I don't have to worry about it at all after the baby arrives. So far, getting started on it doesn't mean a whole lot. I chose and author to research and write about, got his book sitting here (unopened as of yet), and did some googling on the guy. That counts as getting started, right?

Saturday I have to go take a big long test as prep for grad school. I'll be taking the CBest. It's a 4 hr long basic skills exam that teachers are required to pass before entering the credential program. Reading, Writing and Math. I'm not too worried about it, but ugh, a 4 hr long test! I'll sure be glad to have it behind me. Then I'll need to sign up and take the CSet. That one I hear is a mother bear. I've also ordered all my books for the fall. Got 3 out of the 4 I ordered; I need 8 books for this one class I will be taking and I want to read all of them before the class begins. I've read 4 already, not recently, but all within 2008 which is good enough for this dusty old brain.

The princesses are all keeping me busy. They are busy! Oldest is working a lot, and she has been playing some coffee shop gigs on the weekends. She finished her second semester of college and will be teaching private swim lessons this summer along with working as a bridal consultant at the dress shop. Her life is so fun! Middle princess is finishing her junior year of high school this week. She's been goofing off pretty bad lately, so I sure hope she does well on her final exams so that she will get passing grades. I really don't want to send her to summer school. Gah! She's smart, just has already shut down her brain for summer. She just turned 17 and still hasn't decided how to spend her birthday money. She got a lot of cash, yet, it's just not quite enough. Oh, to be a teenager! I got to take some time out and have a "date" with my teen girls. We all went and got pedicures together. I tell ya, that was so nice! And we all have really pretty toes!

Little princess never stops. She's always going going going. She's two!!! She's doing well without nursing, although she still asks. Lately she's having a language explosion. I've been waiting for this! So exciting! Just when I started calling around looking for a speech assessment for her, she starts talking up a storm. She must have figured out Mama means business. She's also discovered that getting ready for the day with Daddy is pretty fun stuff. He lets her wear his man-stinky deodorant. Great, now she smells like a man all day. She's also decided that she doesn't care to be "stuck" in her carseat any more. So, I have to wrestle her in, pin her down while buckling this kicking screaming toddler, and then get where I'm going listening to her cries and pleas for freedom. Sure adds to the excitement of an average day!

Baby princess is being a brat. In fact, I think that might be a good name for her. She is sideways now; I'm not so sure that is an improvement over being breech. Her head is on my left, her butt on the right, back up and all arms and legs kicking straight downward. Lemme just say..... uncomfortable! She also likes to arch and push off, like she's trying to get more personal space in there. Well, it sure is nice to know she's like me in wanting some personal space... but, honey, its just a dream for you at this point! Baby brat is also giving me hell with my sugar levels. I have to go in for a Gestational Diabetes test (standard test these days) and so I was checking my sugar levels with my diabetes finger stabbing blood checker thing, and my sugar numbers are way outa wack!!! I'm afraid I'm gonna fail that GD test for sure! I've gone on the diabetes diet and will be stabbing my finger 4x a day hoping for good numbers, but I fear that I am doomed to eat healthy for the rest of this pregnancy. I hope to at least get it under control in a few days and then I'll go fail my test next week. Ugh.

Between the 4 princesses, my overworked sleep deprived husband (who lost his keys and had a temper tantrum over it - similar to Princess Gracie's many daily tantrums), trying to get ahead with school while keeping up with the house and home..... all I can think of to say is that Motorboat noise while shaking my head! Spaz!!!


Alicia said...

Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy!! Don't forget that you still have to pack for vacation! The long road trip will be great reading time for you.

Oh remember that kids are easier to take care of inside than outside! hehehe....And I so know about the whole car seat thing. I have to fight them until they are 8 over here in utah!!

Kate said...

First, yes, I think that counts as starting your research paper. =)

I'm sorry that you're feeling crummy. Here's hoping the GD test goes well. And that you get some rest. And that your life calms down.

Hey, did you enter Manic Mommy's contest for expectant fathers?

B. Fred said...

How did the GD test go. That is not fun to have while expecting. Ask someone who knows.

Wiggly little kids in car seats, uggh. Just wait until she figures out how to unbuckle everything. That earned me a stop sign violation when Nathan pulled that trick, in a hospital zone no less. Regardless, I miss some of that day to day stuff.