Saturday, June 14, 2008

I rocked the CBest!

Oh yeah!!! Rockin' Out! I rocked the CBest! That California Basic Educational Skills Test is a 4 hour long reading, writing and math skills exam required for getting into the teaching credential program. All teachers in California have to take it and pass it before stepping into the classroom. I took it this morning.

Had to drive an hour to get to the test site. Found it! I was there with ten or fifteen minutes to spare, so I had time to find a ladies room! Score! My test admission ticket said to be there and ready by 8am. It's Saturday, getting there by 8am was awfully early, but hey, there I was. The registration and instruction process lasted way too long. *yawn*

Testing finally began at 8:40. People! Why'd I have to bust my butt getting here by 8am? Do you not understand that it is Saturday?!?!! AKA Sleep in Day?!?!?! And I left my house at 6:30!!! No, they don't really care.

The test itself was a piece of cake. It was just never-ending. Very lengthy! It took me the entire 4 hrs to finish it up. I was impressed with the anti-cheating measures the proctors took. Wowza.

Well, one more thing I can mark off my college to-do list! The CBest is done! El Fin!


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Congratulations! What was the ending score?