Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baby Photo Shoot

Here is our precious little nameless baby. Looks like she's thinking of a good name!

This was her third photo session. She's getting pretty good at posing for the ultrasound camera. This time we got to see her in 4D. Very cool! Her next photo shoot is July 1st. Hopefully she won't be quite so bald at the next modeling session.


Alicia said...

Totally love it!! What a cute picture! Isn't 4D cool (not that I ever got to see my girls that way :(

I think all the time of names for you! Evelyn is one of my favorites, Addison, Madelyn (Maddie), or well I am plumb out of more ideas right now.

Good luck!! My friend still wants to help your hair on the way in or the way out on your trip!!

Michelle said...

That's so cool -- I love the new 4D images, not that they had them when my wee ones were in my tummy!

Feel well!

Kate said...

She's gorgeous!

Memarie Lane said...

Think this one might be something of a comedian? :P

Kayla W said...

Beautiful! Little Marissa (haha) is getting really big! I can't believe you're preggo again, and I'm so jealous I'm not on this journey with you!