Friday, January 18, 2008

Cheetos for Breakfast

It's finally Friday and it has been a very busy week. This morning I woke up with a headache and sore throat. Not good for mommy!

This morning I offered my littlest princess oatmeal with raisins for breakfast and she said "no" and gave it "the hand". She went to the kitchen and pulls off the counter a bag of Cheetos, brings it to me and says "some some Beeeez!" Translated that means "I want some of this please". You know what, I don't feel good. I opened the Cheetos. She's happy and quiet. I'm ok with that!

Apparently, she doesn't have a sore throat too.

We've had such a busy week. I've been busy buying and selling college textbooks on and ebay and amazon. Decided to sell my baby backpack carrier that I just had to have and I've never used it; I posted that on Craigslist.

Craigslist. Lemme tell ya, there are some idiots out there. And they all want to buy my baby backpack. One guy wanted to trade me for one item on his long list of crap. NO!!!! Another person wanted me to deliver it 40 miles away. NO!!!! Another person wants to know what it looks like - scroll down! I posted 4 photos! NO!!!! Finally, I get someone who sounds reasonable and wants to buy it. Yay! Oh never mind, she just read what town I'm in and I'm really far away. NO!!!! Who are these people? Don't they read the ad? Forget it! I'll keep it and hand it down to someone who has a baby and wants it. Someday.....

All my online bargaining has included trips to the UPS store to mail stuff, trips to Barnes & Noble to hunt for books and compare prices, trips to the college bookstores to hunt and compare. I think I'm winning the college book war with the bookstore though. I got my daughter a brand new Chemistry book for $59 and the bookstore sells it used for $101. That was my big score of the week!

Babycakes and I had a playdate with her new babysitter. That really went well and I feel great about the new sitter, her kidlets and how it'll go. It's going to be hard to go to college 4 days a week without my baby attached to me. I have separation anxiety just thinking about it! What a relief to have her with a trustworthy sitter. I am a natural worrier and I'll be doing enough worrying without that added stress of feeling uneasy or just not confident that I placed her in the best care. I'm so happy with this arrangement!

The teenager is back is school. It's been a struggle getting out of bed each morning for both of us, but we're doing it. I can't believe I took a wrong turn on Tuesday morning and got "lost" taking her to school. I say "lost" in quotes because I knew where I was. I did! Sorta. I just couldn't find my way back out of that neighborhood.

My husband has been calling me all week asking me to do little favors. Really? NO!!!! But, I did do a few. We went to Home Depot and got him a turkey fryer that will never see a turkey. He's going to brew his own beer. He's pretty excited. I'm dreading the mess he will make and abandon. You know it'll happen. So he's been full of little favors that he needs done for him, like filling the propane tank so he can cook his beer. Just little favors like that.

Between chasing the toddler, dealing with craigslist responses, getting ready for a new college semester, starting high school for the 2nd half of the year, and getting ready to brew beer..... I've come to the point where I'm letting my toddler eat Cheetos for breakfast.


Holly said...

Cheetos has a little bit of some sort of cheese in it right? I see nothing wrong with it. Mine get ice cream on occasion. And when you think about the fact that most mornings they want Eggo Waffles with syrup or cinnamon/sugar, what's the difference between that and ice cream or treats anyway?

Works for me.

Good going on the chemistry book. Great deal.

Steve and Alicia said...

We do cheetos all the time. I am a bad mom, but some mornings with screaming kids, dogs that are peeing every where and a baby that wants to be nursed at the same time what else am I suppost to do?!?!?

Hey save your baby back pack!! I'll buy it from you when i get there in july!! ruby will need a ride and I have one for Katy! Easier for the kiddos to see at the zoo and sea world!!

send me an e-mail!!

onthegomom said...

My daughter ate cupcakes this morning for breakfast... nuff said.

Mary said...

Yay! The backpack will finally have a happy new home!

desirae said...

Oh.. We do bad stuff for breakfast (but only on Fridays).. In the summer we get up and go for ice cream, when it gets too cold for that we have cheetos, sugar cookies, fruit by the foot.. Whatever my kids want on Friday mornings, we have.. In 30 years I'd rather them remember Friday breakfasts as opposed to mom making them eat a healthy oatmeal concoction every single day.. (I LOVE FRIDAYS!!)

Shelley said... the Cheetos-for-breakfast thing wrong? Because at Kroger today, Cheeto and Frito products were on sale 3 for $4, but if you bought 3 you got the 4th one free, so actually 4 for $4...

And yes, Craigslist is full of idiots. Mostly idiots that say they're going to buy your stuff, then never show up.