Thursday, January 10, 2008

Zoo Photos

This is a winery on the way to the Wild Animal Park. I had to take a picture to prove to my sister that it did not burn down. She was very concerned about the vineyard!

This is the duck that was chased by my little princess until the duck decided, Enough! And he bit her. Quack! Quack!
Flamingos. So pretty! Why do they smell like monkey poo? Birds are her favorite, so we didn't even go near the monkeys. Only smelled like we did.
I thought this flower was very pretty! A puff of color!

Big Red MaCaw birds giving each other some love. We spent most of our time in the aviary looking at birds.
Gracie yelled "Quack!" to every bird in the aviary.

The deer got to hear, "Good dog, Sanny" and a nice pat on the back.


Holly said...

She's adorable. Those are some great pictures!

Steve and Alicia said...

looks like you two had a blast!! how fun!!