Saturday, January 19, 2008

Top Ten Signs that I've Been Breastfeeding TOO Long

1. My boobs sit in my lap.

2. I need a really big chair because we need a lot of room since my baby is almost 3 ft long, er, tall.

3. When someone offers the baby milk, she comes running to mommy.

4. My teenagers say "Gross Mom, put your boobs away!"

5. I've become immune to biting, twisting, yanking, and pinching. Doesn't even phase me anymore.

6. The teething scars are starting to fade.

7. The baby wants me to nurse her toys.

8. Bras that don't open for nursing really confuse me.

9. I wrote "Cow Milk" on my grocery list. (Did I think I might accidently buy some mommy-milk?)

10. The baby hugged my boob and said "Ahhh Hug BoBo!" (yes, she named my boobs "Bo-Bo")

Guess this last one counts as a double sign that I have been breastfeeding TOO long! I wonder if I'll get the hint or if I'll have to join a 12 step program to kick the habit. Do they make a patch for this?


desirae said...

Oh I can definately relate to the boobs in the lap.. (Even though I haven't breast fed in almost a year!!) I didn't quit breastfeeding my son till He was 2 (I was pregnant with my daughter). I finally quit with her right before she turned 2.. She'll be 3 in about 4 months, and she'll still come up and pat my boob, and tell me she loves them.. (next time I quit at a year and a half.. lol.)

Shelley said...

4. My teenagers say "Gross Mom, put your boobs away!"


I can't even believe you are still nursing her. You are a better woman than I am. ;)