Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I am looking forward to a lot of things in 2008 - here are a few:

My children will turn 19, 17 and 2.
My sister will turn 40 and I will sure have a good time with that!
My middle daughter will begin her senior year of high school.
I will graduate with my BA in Literature and Writing.
The baby will wean and potty train.
I will QUIT breastfeeding!
My grandma will turn 100 yrs old and have the biggest bash ever!

I have some hopes for the new year too:

I hope to lose weight and look great at my grandma's party.
I hope to keep my wits about me as I mother a college girl, a high schooler and a fit-throwing 2 year old.
I hope to declutter my house.
I hope to get through another year safely and healthy.
I hope to be a good wife and mother and college student.
I hope my computer never crashes.

Yes, yes... my resolutions and my hopes for 2008 are all about *ME*! I didn't want to bore you with my political, social and environmental reform hopes.

It's so hard to believe 2007 is over already. It was a good year overall. Sadly we lost three of the family elders in 2007. But we also gained a few new babies in the family too. Better yet, I did not give birth to any of them! And so, I mark off another year and sit here wondering how they go by so fast. How do they go by so fast?

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Holly said...

I think your hopes for 2008 are awesome ones. They echo several of mine!