Saturday, January 5, 2008

Only 51 weeks to go

How was your first week of 2008? I got through it! only 51 more weeks to go.

My puker felt better for a day. Now she's got a cold and her tonsils are the size of Texas.

I started my diet. I only started it in my head though. So far its just been a mental diet as I work on "getting rid of the Christmas Candy".

My baby punched me in the nose yesterday. Oh the joys of motherhood! I now have a mark across the bridge of my nose. Looks like I was partying too much for New Years Eve! I really need to come up with a better battle story than "my baby socked it to me".

I've been busy this week buying and selling books on So far I sold four and bought five. I have a bunch of old books listed so I might be able to sell a few more before college starts. I have a few to buy yet too. Anyone want my Western Reader? I bought The Complete Works of Shakespeare - and I knew the minute it arrived! There was a very loud THUD at the front door. Since it didn't fit in the mailbox, the mailman dropped it at the door. As soon as I heard the THUD I hopped right up and squealed "Shakespeare!" My husband had the most bewildered look on his face. I haven't seen him look that confused and frightened at the same time for quite a while. I wonder what he was thinking?

I've also spent this first week of 2008 being a good granddaughter. I was appointed "Party Invitation Designer" and I've been doing my best to accommodate my 99 1/2 yr old granny's wishes for the perfect party invitation. So far, I've made 15 invitations. And she hasn't approved any of them. I'm going bald from pulling my hair out. I'm following all her instructions for layout and color. So I decided she doesn't know what she wants, I'll throw out some other creative options. She didn't like those at all. Back to the original design. Tweek. Tweek. Tweek. No. No. No. Seriously, I'm about ready to .... to.... ah, who am I kidding. I'll make another one.

I've been posting the invites on flikr and my sisters have been posting comments. One of my sisters thought she'd be "helpful" and help my Grandma pick one, so she posted mean negative comments under most of the invites. And a glowing positive comment under the one she liked best. Did I come unglued? Well, yes I did. So, I deleted her comments and told her not to be mean and negative. She responded with "I'm not trying to be negative. I'm just trying to get her to hate them". Are you saying "huh?" to yourself and scratching your head? Me too.

Here are a few of the designs. Some of these are kind of rough - such as one needed the sepia toned down and another one lacks the No Gifts phrase. But they were rejected so I didn't continue to polish them up. The photo of the town is real. And it hasn't changed much. The baby photo is her in 1908. Pretty cool!


Holly said...

Well, I think all the invitations look great! I say Give Grandma the stuff and let her put one together and then you make the copies!

I started my diet too...I found out where the closest Weight Watchers location is. That's about it.

onthegomom said...

That is just wonderful about your grandma. I loved all the invitations, I would have a hard time deciding between them because I LIKED them all, not the opposite! :)

Steve and Alicia said...

My vote is for the 2nd or 3rd one! You are doing a great job there mary! hang in there. I guess when we turn 100 we can be picky about our birthday card too. right?!?!?

Mary said...

Whoo Hooo! I think we may have a winner! Grandma chose two of the invites to have printed so she can look at them better. I'm doing a happy dance!!! We have it narrowed down!

And, it stopped raining. Happy Monday!